My Holiday Gift Suggestions for In and Out of the Kitchen

My Holiday Gift Suggestions for In and Out of the Kitchen

Every year I’m always looking for great holiday gift ideas that are fun, innovative and that people will actually use… There’s nothing worse than giving a gift that gets returned or even worse gets tucked away in a closet never to be seen again. This year I found some really cool gifts for the kitchen and outside the kitchen. Below are my top 11. Why 11? Because in the words of Nigel from Spinal Tap… “These go to eleven.”

#1) Besh Box from the mind of Chef John Besh

WHY?: There are a bunch of monthly food/cooking subscriptions out there, but this is by far the best I’ve seen. Every aspect of the box is well thought out and the items are high quality. Inside of each box, you’ll get recipes, artisanal ingredients, kitchen tools, tips and techniques, and fun “toys”. The small touches like music playlists and cocktail pairings make this box so personal. Each month the box is different, inspired by seasonal themes, so it really is a gift that keeps on giving. And on top of that, every month a donation will be made to various charities based on the number of members… A classy move by Besh and company.

Besh Box “Holidays from the Heart”

#2) Chef Jeans by Betabrands

WHY?: The kitchen is an inspiration for so many things including clothes and these jeans take it to another level. I love the butcher-inspired fabric on the pockets. And the little touches like ventilation and pockets for phone and sharpie are super cool.  Doesn’t hurt that they were designed by one of the most talented chefs out there, Chris Cosentino.

Chef-inspired Jeans by Betabrands

#3) Kaenon Sunglasses

WHY?: Everyone needs a good pair of shades. Kaenon mixes great style with incredible lenses. They offer a bunch of different designs that fit all types of styles. I personally rock the Arlos. They also make super cool apparel like hats and t-shirts.

Coolest shades out there… Super stylish and the lenses are amazing.

#4) Whole Grain Mustard & Bourbon Barrel Hot Sauce by Boccalone – STOCKING STUFFER

WHY?: There are so many condiments out there and there are really good mustards and hot sauces, but I think these are two of the best on the market. The mustard is on another level and is super versatile… Perfect for sandwiches, charcuterie, whatever… and I love to put a dollop in my salad dressings. The hot sauce is nice and thick and can be used in so many different ways. Great stocking stuffers for people who appreciate high-quality artisanal products.

Whole Grain Mustard &; Bourbon Barrel Hot Sauce

#5) Lava Rock Molcajete by IMUSA

WHY?: A molcajete (mortar & pestle) is one of the staples in Mexican cooking. We use it at all of the restaurants to make guacamole, salsas, pastes, and grinding herbs and spices. Super versatile, it also looks great in a kitchen and as a serving piece.

Lava Rock Molcajete Gift Box by IMUSA

#6) Blunt Roll Aprons

WHY?: Aprons are always fun and people who love to cook always need more than one. I found out about these because the founder and designer was kind enough to send me one and it instantly became my favorite apron. It also doubles as a knife roll which is awesome. I love the design, the functionality, and the look – combining denim and leather makes it stand out.

Blunt Roll Aprons

#7) Lékué Citrus Sprayer – STOCKING STUFFER

WHY?: I absolutely love this product. When I first saw it I thought it was a gimmick and wouldn’t work well, but I was totally wrong. It’s perfect for the home kitchen and is great for adding citrus to salads, seafood and cocktails. Works with lemons and limes… Haven’t tried it on oranges or grapefruit, but sure it would work for them as well.

Lékué Citrus Sprayer

#8) Klipsch Headphones

WHY?: A good pair of headphones makes all the difference and lets you hear all the little things – the layering – that makes music so dynamic and exciting. I prefer over ears, especially for traveling. Some of the “high end” headphones out there are too bassy. The sound on these is killer. They’re super comfortable. AND they seem like they’re really durable which is huge for me because I tend to beat the sh*t out of my headphones.

Klipsch Image ONE (II) Stereo Headphones Headphones

#9) My First Knife by Kai – FOR THE KIDS

WHY?: Kids are spending more and more time in the kitchen. Being a father I have the obvious concerns – cuts and burns – and this knife is designed with the safety of kids and young teens in mind. It’s also made by one of the best knife companies in the world.

“My First Knife” by Kai

#10) Tapas Plates by Mariposa (available at TJ Maxx)

WHY?: Serving plates are key in making the table look festive and while some serving platters can be boring to get as gifts I think these are really cool. I like the size of these and the simple design because you always want to let the food shine.

Tapas Plate by Mariposa

#11) GIVE BACK – Donate to the WhyHunger Hungerthon and help feed the less fortunate

WHY?: Cause giving back and helping the less fortunate during the holiday season (any time!) is important. I know that not everyone is in a position to do this, but for those that can its one of the most rewarding gifts you can give.

Help feed the less fortunate with a donation to WhyHunger